On Demand Webinar

Build Clubhouse

Learn audio/video system design from the creator of Facebook Live


Who is it for

Looking to add audio/video conferencing to your app? Or generally curious about how live conferencing apps work? Then this webinar is perfect for you.

We walk you through inner workings of Clubhouse and how it is different from a live broadcast system like Facebook Live. We go into the details of architecture choices for live systems and how to scale to millions of users. 


    • How clubhouse works
    • How it is different from Facebook live
    • How to do media transfer using TCP vs. UDP
    • How to decide call routing architecture in webRTC - P2P, MCU, and SFU
    • How to combine conferencing and live streaming in the same architecture
    • Q&A Session

Practical advice from engineers at Facebook and Hotstar



Kshitij Gupta facebook hotstar

CEO & Co-founder 100ms

Kshitij has spent 20 years in video. He led the team that launched FB live. He built a large part of Hotstar's live video infrastructure which supports a world-record 25 million concurrent viewers on a single stream.

Sagar Gaonkar

Sagar Gaonkar hotstar

Senior EM 100ms

Sagar has over 12 years of experience in video and audio. He led the video backend team at Hotstar, enabling Disney+ launches. He also architected multiple generations of high-performance multimedia SDKs at Ittiam.


Sarvesh Dwivedi hotstar

VP Engineering 100ms

Sarvesh brings a decade long experience in technology. At Hotstar, he built the Video Processing Platform in-house. He enjoys turning product from idea to reality.